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New Superintendents Conference
December 13-14, 2017
February 21-22, 2018

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New Superintendents Conference
December 2017
February 2018

School Business Official Authorization Renewal Credit

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Iowa School Cash Anticipation Program (ISCAP)
A Cost-effective program to fund temporary cash flow needs. Designed by Iowa Schools for Iowa Schools. ISCAP Benefits:

Strong history of cost-efficient cash flow borrowing for Iowa school corporations.

Consistently outperforms individual borrowing alternatives when all aspects of cash flow borrowing are considered.

School corporations lock into costs and re-investment yield simaultaneously protecting them from financial risk due to market fluctuations.

One telephone call to the ISCAP Hotline can answer your questions.

Flexibility to draw from and repay your ISCAP account according to your school coproration's cash flow needs-not a predetermined schedule.

Experienced ISCAP finance team reviews each aspect of every ISCAPissue to improve the program and ensure continued quality service.

Iowa Schools Joint Investment Trust (ISJIT)

The Iowa Schools Joint Investment Trust has assisted Iowa's school districts, community colleges and area education agencies with their cash management needs since 1986. ISJIT's simple, reliable operation and excellent rates of return provide valuable interest income to over 300 authorized participants from across the state.

Organized pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 28E, ISJIT was one of the first dedicated cash management programs in the nation created by schools exclusively for schools.
Under the sponsorship guidance of the Iowa Association of School Boards and ISJIT's member-focused Board of Trustees, ISJIT offers a number of investment opportunities designed by participants to help them safely and effectively manage their financial resources.

Did you know that . . . ISJIT has over 300 authorized participants! ISJIT participants invest over $425,000,000 annually! ISJIT invests Bond Proceeds!

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