Track 28: Allocating Resources Strategically

“The links between the resource side of education reform and school improvement have become one of the most critical issues for our schools. Without a more effective use of the education dollar, current fiscal constraints and funding cuts could lead to battles over money, ineffective across-the-board cuts, and a lower quality education system.” Allan Odden, Improving Student Learning When Budgets Are Tight, 2012.

Participants in Strategic Resource Allocation will be provided research based practical information and tools for aligning resources to dramatically improve student performance. Specific strategies and tools will be organized around key questions:

  • How do districts link budget development and resource allocation with specific strategies to enhance student learning?
  • What are the resource needs and costs of research-based strategies for turning around low performing schools and enhancing high performance schools?
  • How can categorical dollars (e.g., Title I and special education) and other revenue sources (ISL, PPEL, SAVE ) be leveraged to support improved instructional practice?
  • How can “sacred cows” such as class size and staffing patterns be re-configured to maximize learning results?
  • How can budget cuts be made while retaining a powerful instructional improvement program and where can new dollars be invested in strategic ways?

Participants in this track will walk away with a staffing template based on district specific resources and research-based ratios for deploying staff.

Participants will receive frameworks for district and building schedules that support teacher collaboration and professional learning time.

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with current practitioners around the numerous issues related to effective resource use including gaining board support, addressing negotiated contractual barriers, “pulling the initiative weeds” that are not providing a return on investment, and other practical matters.

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