Track 24: Intense Content Track
  1. Designing your Professional Development Plan around the ISSL:  in this session, participants will review the Iowa Standards for School Leaders, which form the basis of the superintendent evaluation process required in Iowa law.  The law expects professional development to help superintendents learn about the standards and improve their skills in targeted goal areas.  Leave this session with ideas to help you craft your individual professional development plan to take to your board and demonstrate your commitment to quality leadership.
  2. Planning Parameters and Priorities in Collective Bargaining:  at both the local level and in state policy, collective bargaining and negotiations are becoming critical time consuming processes.  In this session, you will review the collective bargaining process related to your negotiated contract, find out where to get information to help with exhibits and comparability, hear from others about what successful parameters may help to smooth the planning process, and identify what priorities you can reasonably expect to accomplish through a successful collective bargaining conversation.
  3. Leading Collaborative Goal Setting:  successful efforts to improve student achievement continually come back to a consistent theme – collective leadership around shared goals.  Learn how to engage your board and important stakeholders in an effective goal setting process, define areas of improvement you wish to accomplish, learn how to identify and communicate the “non-negotiables”, and discover what it takes to stick to the tough task of change around improved instruction. 
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