Track 8: Collecting, Interpreting, Using, & Reporting Data on Student Achievement
Iowa's school improvement and accountability law (House File 2272, 1998) requires school districts and nonpublic schools to provide an annual progress report to their communities by September 15 each year. In this session, learn how the annual progress report is a powerful way to keep the community informed and involved in your district's efforts to improve student achievement. The quality of your progress will be dependent upon your district's ability to collect and interpret measures of student achievement data. Learn about various measures used by Iowa school districts to meet accountability requirements. Discover and practice data analysis, learning to identify student needs in your district through data interpretation. Identify questions to ask about student achievement data that may present faulty conclusions. Take home helpful hints about communicating student achievement information to your public. This session will also prepare you and your district for the inevitable comparisons likely to be made public by your local media. Participation in this session will empower you to confidently talk with your local board and your community about student achievement data and what it means.
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