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description Track 1: Fundamentals of School Finance
description **Track 2: Financial Health Analysis
description Phase 2: Financial Health Analysis (Forecasting)
description Track 3: Preparation & Presentation of Your Budget
description Track 4: Fundamentals of Finance for Special Populations
description **;***Track 5: Emerging Technology: All Things Google
description Track 6: Student Management Crisis Prevention
description **Track 7: Preparation for Professional Negotiations & Arbitration
description Track 8: Collecting, Interpreting, Using, & Reporting Data on Student Achievement
description Track 9: Development of a Working Line-Item Budget & Monthly Financial Reporting
description Track 10: Leading Teacher Compensation
description Track 11: Planning and Communicating Budget Reductions
description Track 12: Risk Management
description **Track 13: Leadership
description Track 14: Planning for Educational Sharing and Consolidation
description Track 15: Alignment for Continuous Improvement
description Track 16: Legal Implications for Leaders
description Track 17: Advanced Applications of Spreadsheets
description Track 18: Communication: Educating Your Publics on School Finance
description Track 19: Operating Expense Analysis
description Track 20: Human Resource Function Development
description Track 21: District Financial and Educational Viability
description Track 22: Facility Construction: Planning to Finish
description Track 23: Intense Content Track
description Track 24: Intense Content Track
description Track 25: Professional Development
description Track 26: Preparation for Accreditation Site Visit
description Track 27: Shared Leadership
description Track 28: Allocating Resources Strategically
description Track 29: Maximizing Spending Authority
description Track 30: Understanding and Managing Special Revenue Funds
description Track 31: Employment Law
description **Track 32: Navigating the Insurance Maze
description Track 33: Contemporary Issues in School Finance
description Track 34: Mining Useful Information and Incorporating Emerging Technologies to Track Financial and Educational Impact on Future Planning
description Track 35: Ensuring District Transparency
description Track 36: Improving Internal Controls and Deterring Fraud
description Track 37: Superintendent/Business Manager/Board Secretary Relationship Building
description Track 38: Cultivating Leadership and Advocacy Capacity
description Track 39: Teacher Leadership Compensation: Financial and Leadership Implications
description Track 40:

Intense Content: Sharing Agreements, Working with Support Staff, and Communicating Difficult Decisions

description *Track 41:

Successful Referendums and Community Votes

  *Newly Revised Track
**Newly Revised Track
***New SBO Track


New Superintendents Conference
December 13-14, 2017
February 21-22, 2018

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New Superintendents Conference
December 2017
February 2018

School Business Official Authorization Renewal Credit

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